Secret things we look for in a candidate


The job of our recruiters is to read about and meet people each and every day. We’ve seen every kind of person and recruited for every kind of job so we know exactly what we’re looking for - and exactly what we’re not.

So what does it take to stand out? How do you present us with something that we haven’t already seen that will truly impress? We have some secret tips and qualities that us at Virgin Media look for when we’re screening candidates at every stage of the recruitment process. Read on to find out how you could really make us sit up and listen...

Do you have conviction?

You say what you mean and you mean what you say. We love to see conviction and passion for what you do. Whether it’s providing exemplary customer service or travelling around the country helping our customers get connected, we like to see that you care.
Never be afraid to speak with passion when discussing your previous achievements and explaining why you’ve applied to work with us.

Do you like a challenge?

Do you stick with the status quo or are you always sniffing out new opportunities to test yourself and reach higher? We love to see someone with ambition, who isn’t afraid to move beyond their comfort zone and test themselves with something more difficult.
When a candidate can prove that they strive to learn more and push themselves further we know that they will help to push us further as a business. It builds confidence and helps to progress our team into the future.

Do our values align?

We take our values really seriously. They underpin our ethos as a business and the culture we strive to create. When it comes to finding the perfect candidate we always like to make sure that your values as an individual are a good match with ours.
When you’re preparing your application or you’re reading up before you come to meet us, make sure you read our values and vision. We want to make sure that we create an effective and satisfying partnership together so we want to invest in who you are, not just your achievements.  

Do you do your homework?

How well do you know our organisation? Are you aware of our history, our goals, achievements and our vision? When you’re applying for a job with us we like to see that you’ve brushed up on who we are and how you think you’ll fit.
Try using social media and digging through our website to find out more about us. Then tailor your application and show us how we’ll fit together. When you’re at interview try dropping in some facts about our achievements or our business goals. That shows us that you’ve done your research and you’ve thought about how you can contribute to our team.

Being aware of these little secret traits that we scope out puts you in a stronger position than ever before to land your perfect job.

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